A Day Away Awesome Jeju – Jeju Olle Trail English Guided Tour Program between September and November 2015

A Day Away Awesome Jeju Tour Info-1

A Day Away Awesome Jeju Tour Info-2

Hey everyone Jim here with a new post about something Jeju Olle Trail is up to for foreign walkers.

From September 28th 2015 through to November 14th 2015 we’re going to be operating a guided tour program in English and Chinese. This program, A Day Away Awesome Jeju, will take participants out onto the Olle trails for a while, up an oreum, as well as provide a local village experience.

English tours will run on Fridays.

Please register for the 64,000 WON ($55 USD) tour by visiting the official web site.

Download the PDF tour guide document for full details: A Day Away Awesome Jeju Tour Info

Sep 18th: WEST / Oct 2nd: SOUTH / Oct 9th: WEST / Oct 16th: EAST / Oct 23rd: SOUTH / Nov 6th: EAST / Nov 13th: SOUTH

English Trail Education with Trail Guide | March 2015 | Route 7 | After Action Report

Chinese, British, South African, Spanish, and Koreans all took to Jeju Olle Trail for an English-language guided walk last Saturday (March 14). We went off on Route 7 following Paul Moon throughout the day as he introduced Jeju Island and Jeju Olle Trail to fellow walkers. Here are a few images from the day.