[Jeju Olle In the Media] Steve Miller of Qiranger.com and his wife Johanne Miller walk Jeju Olle Trail

The weekend just gone saw English language power blogger, Steve Miller, of Qiranger.com and his wife, Johanne Miller, visit Jeju Island. They spent their time walking Jeju Olle Trail (though I did see an impressive side trip to Eoseungsaengak which is an undiscovered gem of hiking here which many none-Chinese visitors miss).

Saturday took them to Route 6 which threads itself along the Seogwipo coast, including downtown Seogwipo or the harbour area depending on your sub-route choice. Sunday saw them take in no less than four different routes with use of a rental car.

There is more content to come from them I’m sure including high quality, professional, videos, but here is an aggregated collection of the content I’ve seen on Twitter grabbed via Hootsuite.

A final ‘thank you’ to Steve and Johanne for choosing to spend their Jeju Island time with Jeju Olle.

NyxnaliaOct 06, 9:47pm via Instagram

Hwasun Golden Beach. @qiranger and I explored 4 Olle Trails by car today. 😀 #SoAwesome@jejuolletrail… instagram.com/p/fIGEQnNIi7/

NyxnaliaOct 06, 3:17pm via InstagramMeet Ollie, my Ganse doll and mascot for today’s island exploration! ;D @jejuolletrail @qiranger#Jeju… instagram.com/p/fHZQNLNIkW/

qirangerOct 06, 3:40pm via HootSuite

How @Nyxnalia and I spent our Saturday walking the #Jeju #Olle trail! youtu.be/1o8uQjwI7fg

qirangerOct 06, 2:22pm via InstagramSight along the Olle Trail #Jeju @ 대평포구instagram.com/p/fHTAFivvM7/

qirangerOct 05, 1:38pm via InstagramJeju Island Olle Trail 6 @ 소정방폭포instagram.com/p/fEo3wrvvOw/


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