[Jeju Olle Trail Safety] Typhoon Danas blows through Jeju Island and Jeju Olle Trail (Tuesday, October 8, 2013)

Jeju Island is somewhere under that big white circle

It has been blowing a merry weather all day here on Jeju Island. The kids had half a day and were all out of school in Jeju City by or after lunch. Some kindergarten students didn’t even go in. Yet as I write this at around 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon we have just passed the strongest time for Typhoon Danas. Jeju City… seems… okay.

The coast, however, is being battered by big waves.

Especially so if you see the video shot and shared by a Jeju Olle Trail staff member from the office in Seogwipo.

The office is right on the island’s stark volcanic coastline with columnar-jointed cliffs. As I mentioned on Olle Walkers, Route 6 runs right under the window. Waves splash right over.

To be honest I don’t think it is a good day to be out on an Olle route. Yet I’m sure there are some adventure seekers out there.

Even if you’re walking tomorrow (which is a Wednesday and a national holiday in Korea) please keep in mind Jeju Olle Trail crosses streams which will be swollen and exit into the ocean. Route 7 and 10 spring to mind immediately. Especially the start of Route 10 where rocks may have moved or cliff faces may be sodden under the heavy rainfall. A spot on Route 18 after Sarabong springs to mind too.

Basically be careful out there. Please follow the detour and alternative routes offered which get around the unsafe areas.

I translated some guidelines for the Jeju Olle Trail Facebook Page earlier which are worth taking a look at here.


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