[Jeju Olle Trail Accommodation] BnBHero offers the most comprehensive English language Jeju Olle Trail accommodation listing so far specific to each trail

This is a post I put on the Olle Walkers Facebook group earlier today:

Even though many people in this group live on Jeju I still wanted to share this link with you. It might be useful for those who fancy spending a few days on the routes without coming back home. It might also be useful to pass on to friends coming to visit, mainlanders, couchsurfers, and those from further afield. BnBHero has a special page dedicated to local accommodation for almost each and every Olle route. This is the first time I’ve seen something so specific in English. I know finding accommodation after a day of walking has been an issue for some walkers (especially if they are not familiar with Korea) so this should help with planning. Anyway have a look around the site and see what you think. Pass on to others as needed: http://www.bnbhero.com/picks/jejuolle?item_type=R


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