[Jeju Olle Trail Event Explained] ‘Walk Together’ once a month on a Jeju Olle Trail route with Jeju residents and visiting tourist hikers

Jeju Olle Trail 'Walk Together' January 2014 Route 7-1

[Hikers at the start point of Route 7-1 for January 2014’s ‘Walk Together’]

*‘Walk Together’ usually takes place in the later half of every month. Check the upcoming events section in the side menu for next scheduled event*

Once a month Jeju Olle Trail holds a ‘Walk Together’ event on its trail. This event aims to bring hikers to a specific route and partake in a hike with one another for a day.

It is a chance to meet others outside of your usual hiking friendship circle. Hikers are both native and foreign, or even tourists from the mainland and beyond.

Everyone departs together and then moves around as groups stop for a rest or break along the way. Conversations rise and fall.

Here are a couple of reasons why  ‘Walk Together’ is something to think about if you’re a Jeju resident or a visiting  the island as a tourist:

1) It is a chance to learn about Jeju Olle Trail and Jeju Island

There is usually always an English speaker on hand who is more than happy to take you under their wing. They will introduce Jeju Island’s history and culture as well as provide information about Jeju Olle Trail itself.

2) It is A chance to meet Jeju Olle Trail office staff members

Each month sees a different cross-section of office staff take part in ‘Walk Together’. You could find yourself hiking alongside the office manager one day or even the founder on other occasions.

3) It is A chance to walk Jeju Olle Trail with other people

For some Jeju Olle Trail is a solo adventure. For some it is a small group adventure. But for at least one day it is fun to hike with others. You never know who you might meet.

4) It is a chance to enjoy delicious food along the route with other hikers

Hikers at ‘Walk Together’ usually bring some wonderful snacks and drinks to consume along the way. Then there is a local restaurant that someone can reccomend. The best place to refuel properly.

5) it is A chance to enjoy a different route not often walked on Jeju Olle Trail

Everyone knows Route 1, Route 6, Route 7, and even Route 10. However, Routes 11, 13, 16, and 18 are routes more than worth considering too. ‘Walk Together’ takes these routes in and you won’t be alone. Shuttle buses also run from Jeju City and Seogwipo for the more distant routes making it easier for the hiker.

* There is usually no ‘Walk Together’ in July and August due to the hot weather on the island.


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