[Monthly Event Reports] “Clean Olle” | Route 12 | February 2014

Clean Olle February 2014 Jeju Olle Trail

[See more images from the event by clicking here or the image above]

“Clean Olle” goes wind, rain, or shine. There was more wind and rain for February 2014’s “Clean Olle”, but that did not stop 37 hikers turning out to clean Route 12 in reverse.

Route 12 follows the western coastal tip of the island taking in Dang Oreum, views of Chagwido, and Suweolbong before moving inland through some of the flattest and most organized agricultural land the island has.

There is one more oreum called Nongnambong, which affords lovely views down to the south-west tip of Jeju. On a clear day you can even see Gapado and Marado. These islands are South Korea’s southern-most pieces of land.

Around the tourist areas the trash mainly consisted of plastic bottles, cans, and snack wrappers. Through the farmers fields all sorts of discarded items greeted the hikers for collection.

At the end a warm stove met hikers at an out-of-use countryside elementary school, which is now an ecological school and group retreat.

19km over 6 hours for this month’s “Clean Olle” team.


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