[Jeju Olle Trail Route 1] Hiking Information | Guide | Accommodation | Restaurants | Map

Route 1 Essential Information

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Distance: 15km

Difficulty: Medium

Estimated  Completion Time: 4-5 hours

route 1 official web site information

IMPORTANT Please note that the route 1 information center has moved from the location indicated in the outdated English-language guidebook. You will need to walk 10 minutes along the trail to reach the new information center. This has caught out other foreign hikers before, so please be aware of this. If you are still unsure of this point please contact Jeju Olle Trail directly.

General Overview

Route 1 provides one of the best introductions to Jeju Olle Trail and Jeju Island. It is a route that starts in the countryside through farmers fields and climbs two oreums for great surrounding views of the region. The route then descends into the winding sleepy alleyways of a typical Jeju village before moving on for a lengthy coastal walk. Olle walkers will then visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site Seongsan Sunrise Peak. For some it is a jarring shock of mass tourism. Yet after that route returns to relative peace along the coast to Sinyang for the start of Route 2.

Route 1 Highlights

* Malmi Oreum * Al Oreum * Jongdalli Coastline * Seongsan Sunrise Peak (UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site)


7 thoughts on “[Jeju Olle Trail Route 1] Hiking Information | Guide | Accommodation | Restaurants | Map”

  1. Apart from the route 1 information center, where could I buy the Olle Passport before I get to the entrance of route 1 for that stamp??

    1. You can get the passports at the airport when you arrive. They are also on sale at many CU convenience stores around the island too. Follow this link (http://www.jejuolle.org/?mid=16) for a searchable list of locations (remember to change the language to English and click ‘About Us’ —–> ‘Olle Souvenir’ —–> ‘Selling Point’). Also click the blue flag for a map. If you have any more questions about this or Jeju Olle Trail let me know. Jim.

  2. Hi Jim, would like to ask re the estimated duration needed for completion of trails, is it a one way or return estimation. Are walkers expected to go back to their starting point by turning back the way they come from? I cant seem to find information ard on how to get back to civilization after completing the trails. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Lynn~ Right-oh lets get your some answers. The estimated duration for the completion of the trails is

        ONE WAY

      only. So you won’t be expected to walk back the way you came! If you visit our official web site (http://www.jejuolle.org/), change the language to English, and then click ‘Explore Routes’ then each route has transport information. Including how to get back to the start point. Which trails are you thinking about doing? If you let me know I can give you detailed information about getting back. I have done all the trails numerous times and know the areas well. Jim.

  3. Hi! Would it be alright for a girl to do this trail alone in July or would it be too dangerous? Like does it pass very secluded areas or it is close to the road? Thanks!

    1. Hi Bernice! Sorry for the late reply. I did the ‘Clean Olle’ event and a academy workshop too. I have attached an image of the official guidelines. You can find them at the start of every trail.

      Olle Trail Guidelines

      We also have safety alarms available at the airport’s Jeju Olle Trail Information Desk. You press the button in the middle and your location will be connected with the local police department. You will have to put a money deposit for the device, but you get this money back when you return it.

      If you need any more information about the trail let me know!


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