[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Walk Together’| Route 5 | February 2014

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Another Jeju Olle Trail ‘Walk Together’ passed into time last week. The chosen location took us out down on Route 5. Actually I’ve only ever walked that route once before. On top of that it was a few years ago as well. So I was curious to see how much I remembered and how much the starting location had developed.

It was also a special day as it was the last official Belegi Ganse 2nd Group meeting. Our responsibilities for being Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporters would expire at the end of February. Thus it was a tinge of sadness I took part in this event too.

Route 5 starts in Namwon and continues on for 14.7km to the scenic Seosokkak. There is now a Jeju Olle Trail information building at the start of Route 5. This is in stark difference to my memories of walking before when there was nothing but the marker stone and stamp box.

Our founder, Suh Myung-sook, was on hand before to give words of encouragement to walkers. Apparently she also had a cold, which was her first in seven years. Suh is one of many who are nursing heavy colds on the island these days.

A small group of Belegi Ganse assembled including the leader and vice-leader. One Belegi Ganse even made it across from the mainland. We decided to go off very slowly and enjoy the walk.

Route 5 is a pleasant hike that’s for sure.

The route follows the coast through quiet villages and harbours. There are also no oreums making it quite agreeable for those who are not in the fittest of shape.

Along the way I realized how many coffee or brunch shops continue to spring up along the Jeju Olle Trail routes. This one has no shortage of those to stop in at including one from the movie Architecture 101.

Later on we met up with more Belegi Ganse for lunch before continuing on to the end.

However, our day didn’t finish there.

Our group retired to Pyoseon, the Route 4 start point, where we checked in at a guesthouse for the evening. We spent time working on appreciation papers for each other as well as having dinner and a few drinks well into the evening.

The video and slide show of memories put together by our vice-leader were almost tear inducing. While watching I realized how much we’d done together of the course of one year. Now that was all over.

The next morning we arose and headed off to Sewha (the village on the south-side. Not the north-side Sewha). We had a huge breakfast cooked for us by a lady who runs her own Olle guesthouse and volunteers in the Route 4 information hut. It was a lovely treat in a warm village with tangerine trees all around. The air was tinged with the first days of spring.


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