[Walk Together Monthly Event] ‘Walk Together’ | (03) Saturday, 22 March 2014 | Route 19 | 10am

“Walking together on Route 19..”

As March continues to march on so does Jeju Olle Trail’s monthly ‘Walk Together’ event.

This month’s ‘Walk Together’ will visit Route 19 on Saturday, 22 March. Departure time will be 10am.

‘Walk Together’ sees hikers from all backgrounds meet up under the guidance of the Jeju Olle Trail office staff to begin their walk on the month’s chosen route.

The route for March is situated on Jeju Island’s north-west coast and is 18.8km in length.

It stretches between the historical protest site of Jocheon Manse Dongsan, the popular white sand of Hamdeok Beach with the adjoining Seowoobong  to climb as well. Later on the route passes a 4.3 Uprising memorial in Bukcheon and afterwards a stretch of Gotjawal forest.

More information is at the official Jeju Olle Trail notice board along with details on the Seogwipo shuttle bus service (there will be no shuttle bus from Jeju City this month due to Route 19’s close proximity).

Extensive images of Route 19 are available here via a Korean language blog.


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