[Jeju Olle Trail English Tour] Walking Jeju Olle Trail Route 7 with a family from the Philippines.


The previous Thursday I was able to tour a family from the Philippines along with their family friend on Jeju Olle Trail Route 7.

The family had been in touch with me around Christmas about the possibility of walking one trail together, so it was nice to finally have the day arrive after months of messages back-and-forth. On top of that the weather was absolutely glorious for walking in Seogwipo too.

Our walk got going not long after 8:00am and took in the scenic standing rock site of Oedolgae. After leaving behind the increasingly busy area we continued on along the peaceful coastline followed by a village and then back to the coast to finish up at Beopwhan Port.

Fitness and time caught up with the tour. The family had only arrived on Jeju the previous day. They would need to be back at the airport for a 5pm flight to Seoul.

So we took a rest at the port’s ‘Badasopoong’ or the ‘Kayak Cafe’, eating brunch while waiting for a taxi driver to get down to Seogwipo to whisk the family off for a short sight-seeing tour.

It was nice to meet you all and safe travels back to the Philippines.


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