[Jeju Olle Trail in the Media] A general English language introduction and travel guide to Jeju Olle Trail, Jeju Island, South Korea



I recently spotted a great introductory story about Jeju Olle Trail by Jeju Island resident Mary Rager-Summers.

It was published in the ex-pat English language ’10’ magazine.

It is a story which covers the Jeju Olle Trail history as well as what walkers can expect along the way. Thus it makes a great resource for those who are in the initial stages of planning a trip to Jeju Island and Jeju Olle Trail.

Jeju Olle Trails: A Walking Vacation (http://www.10mag.com/jeju-island/2013/08/06/jeju-olle-trails-a-walking-vacation)

My knowledge of the story came about through Brooke Van Ruden who was one of the first foreigners to complete Jeju Olle Trail. Actually Van Ruden has the honor of being the first foreigner to go to the office and officially certify her achievement.

Anyway please give it a read if you are researching Jeju Olle Trail.


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