[Young Supporters Belegi Ganse] Jeju Olle Trail’s Young Supporters hold event to raise funds for Jeju Island’s Gotjawal Forest


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Jeju Island’s Gotjawal Forest was the focus of a donation drive that raised 808,250 WON (765 USD) by the second group of Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporters.

Saturday, April 5 saw the group assume control of Seogwipo’s Banong Cafe, home of Jeju Olle’s Ganse Doll making experience, for the day by selling set menu tickets at 10,000 won and preparing the purchased food and drinks for visiting customers.

A whole host of events happened throughout the day to accompany visitors and their food.

Highlights included musical performances by locally invited guests. Later on the young supporters showcased their own talents with harmonica songs, rapping, and guitar playing.

The Gotjawal Trust were also on hand for a presentation that delved into detail about the forest’s history and composition, before turning to some of the successes and problems it faces.

Later on everyone unwound as the Banong Cafe became a disco for the evening.

Many curious passerbys stopped by and Jeju Olle Trail information was also passed on to international visitors from Malaysia to Ireland and France.


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