[Walk Together Monthly Event] ‘Walk Together’ | (05) Saturday, 24 May 2014 | Route 1 | 10am

jeju olle trail route 1 map walk together may 2014 event
Route 1 Map

Jeju Olle Trail’s ‘Walk Together’ event will be going ahead this Saturday (May 24) on Route 1. Departure from the start point will be at 10am. The event is always likened to a mini-festival and a place to meet all sorts of walkers from all sorts of backgrounds for the day. A lot of the office staff are hand as well for discussions about volunteer opportunities.

Remember to prepare your typical hiking items. Shuttle bus details from Jeju City and Seogwipo City can be found below. If you have any additional questions about attending then send a message.

Route 1 Information

For more detailed information on Route 1 please click this link.

Shuttle Bus Details

Jeju City / Jeju City Central Stadium Complex / Baseball Ground Entrance / 08:50 departure – 10:00 Route 1

Seogwipo City / 3rd Plaza of Seomun Rotary / 08:50 departure – 10:00 Route 1

(7,000 WON rtn)

What is ‘Walk Together’?

+ If you participate here are some of the things you’ll experience. Find out more.

+ Previous ‘Walk Together’ event report with further details.


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