[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Walk Together’| Route 1 | May 2014

The May edition of Jeju Olle Trail’s ‘Walk Together’ event took place on May 24 (SAT) from the Route 1 start point at 10am.

Quite a few different groups came out for the day including the Young Supporters (Belegi Ganse) who I spent the day walking with.

It was also great to see a small contingent of foreign walkers who went on their merry way after the opening photographs. Thank you for participating.

 Jeju Olle Trail Founder, Suh Myung-sook, and a Route 1 steward, Victor, were also on hand to chat with walkers too.

Anyway enjoy the images from the day.


5 thoughts on “[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Walk Together’| Route 1 | May 2014”

    1. Hi Jan~ Everyone you see in yellow t-shirts are between 20 years and 30 years old. They are the Young Supporters. I would say that the rest of the walkers range from 40 years old upwards, so mature walkers are represented too. Though these walkers are exclusively Korean. We don’t have many foreign participants on a regular basis apart from me at the moment. Having said that the older walkers do come from all backgrounds and you’d be surprised that some do speak English. ‘Clean Olle’ is a monthly event you might be interested in that has mature walkers. We’re off to Chujado in June for an overnight walk, clean, and stay. After that ‘Clean Olle’ still goes ahead during the summer, but it gets really hot.

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