[Walk Together Monthly Event] ‘Walk Together’ | (06) Saturday, 28 June 2014 | Route 12 | 10am

Route 12 Map

Jeju Olle Trail’s ‘Walk Together’ event is back for June. This month we’re out on Route 12 starting at Mureung Ecological School. The route will finish up at Yongsu Port after passing along the western tip of Jeju Island by Suweolbong and Chagwido. As the map above shows it is a route of contrasts with a peaceful countryside setting giving way to a coastal Olle walking route.

Route 12 Start Point  | Saturday, 28 June, 2014 | 10 a.m.

There will be announcements and stretching before departing, including information on the ‘Clean Walking Campaign’. Taking part 6 times in the campaign will see participants get a 50% discount on Treksta walking shoes.

This month will also see the Young Supporters (Belegi Ganse) groups 2 and 3 out together for a workshop.

As always please prepare your usual hiking gear and be sure to check the weather conditions for the day before departing.

* This route start point will be difficult to reach by public transport and it is strongly suggested you take the shuttle bus from Jeju City or Seogwipo City if you do not have private transport arrangements.

What is ‘Walk Together’?

Group shot prior to departure
Jeju Olle Trail ‘Walk Together’ Route 1 May 2014 Participants

+ May 2014 ‘Walk Together’ report with photographs.

+ If you participate here are some of the things you’ll experience.

Shuttle Bus Details

Jeju City / Jeju City Central Stadium Complex / Baseball Ground Entrance / 08:50 departure – 10:00 Route 12

Seogwipo City / 3rd Plaza of Seomun Rotary / 08:50 departure – 10:00 Route 2

(7,000 WON rtn)

Route 12 Information

Distance: 17.1 KM

Required Time: 5-6 Hours

More detailed information on Route 12 please click this link. (Please click the box in the top right that says ‘한국어’ for an English option. Or see the image below.



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