[‘Clean Olle’ Monthly Event] ‘Clean Olle’ will tidy Route 14-1 on July, 12 (SAT) from 9:00am


The ‘Clean Olle’ team will not be stopping for the summer and plan to be out in the Gotjawal Forest of Route 14-1 collecting trash this coming Saturday (July 12) from 9am. However, in acknowledgement of the warmer weather the plan is to walk until lunch time.

Please prepare suitable hiking clothing, equipment, snacks, and drinks. As usual trash bags and trash tongs will be provided.

The start point is Jeoji Community Center.

* June ‘Clean Olle’ on Chujado Island (Route 18-1) | After Event Report

* April ‘Clean Olle’ from Pyoseon (Route 4) | After Event Report

*There will be no shuttle buses for this event. I will be leaving Jeju City by 8am on Saturday morning. Pick up is available until this time. Contact for details.

* Updates will also be given on the status of this month’s ‘Clean Olle’ after Typhoon Racoon has passed Jeju Island.


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