Tales from the Jeju Olle Trail Trail: Bringing Christmas Santa cheer to Olle at the end of 2014

Santa took time out of his busy schedule to walk Jeju Olle Trail at the end of 2014.

It’s a tradition that started last year with long-term Olle volunteer and now office staff member Hong In-hoo.

Basically a group of us get together, dress up in festive outfits, choose an Olle route, and spend the day walking that route giving out presents (socks, chocolate). We then pose for pictures with whoever we meet along the way.

In 2013 I was able to assist Santa on the southern coastal Route 8 as he weaved his way through Jungmun Beach and Resort (see below).

This time around on December 21, 2014 we took to Route 21 on the completely opposite north-eastern side.

Wonderfully enough the Santa outfit we have also fit my larger frame.

The biggest difficulty about the day over the 10.1km was the weather. It was indeed wintry while walking.

Snow and sleet hammered down as the volunteer group made their way through the volcanic stone wall fields of Hado-ri.

It let up for a bit next to the ocean long enough for Santa to stroll on a snow-covered beach.

Approaching Jimi-bong inclement weather returned so we abandoned the summit route and instead opted for the detour route around the base.

We all managed to meet a couple of brave Olle walkers on the day that were given small chocolate gifts, and waved to a lot of tourists and locals passing by in their vehicles.

It’s also an event that we’re going to try and keep going every year. So if you’re reading this in the weeks before Christmas please send a message. Maybe you can come and help us out.


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