[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Walk Together’| Route 5 (in reverse) | January 2015

Another month and another ‘Walk Together’ is finished.

This time  around 40 people gave over their Saturday morning and afternoon to walk 14.1km from Soeskkak Estuary to Namwon Port on the south-side of the island.

With a touch of warmer weather in the air and a blue sky stretching all the way to the summit of Halla Mountain the group departed at 10am and then spread out along the route.

Jeju Olle Trail Founder, Suh Myeong-sook, also attended as did Leanna Joyner of the Appalachian Trail who came to Jeju for the 5th World Trails Conference.

It had actually been nearly a year since walking on Route 5 myself. I didn’t remember it being so pleasant and the route will definitely be recommended to future day walkers. It’s a generally very flat with no oreums. Plus there are great ocean views all day with many places to stop for coffee and lunch.

I met two foreign participants, Melissa and Michael, who took to the route with their dog. We were able to chat for a bit before continuing on our way.


One thing I would impress and clarify about ‘Walk Together’ as an event is that we do start together after the opening speeches are finished. However, once they are done you’re free to walk as you please. There is no centralized event or group stopping point throughout the day as such. Make of it what you will. And as I’ve noted, some foreigners use the shuttle bus purely to access the more remote route start points easily. Then they forge out on their own. Others stick within their friendship groups. Others find strangers to walk with. Lunch is totally down to you too. Shuttle buses usually depart from 4:30 pm.


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