Another Jeju Olle sister route added for Kyushu Olle walkers and hikers: Amakusa to Reihoku in Kumamoto, Japan

Images courtesy of Kyushu Olle Facebook Page


Jeju Olle Trail and Kyushu Olle have opened their fifteenth sister route between Amakusa and Reihoku in Kumamoto.

Local Japanese officials and Olle founder, Suh Myeong-sook, were at the opening ceremony along with 300 other walkers, which took place on February 28.

Kyushu Olle is a sister trail assisted by Jeju Olle Trail that began in 2012 when 4 routes opened. Every year since has seen two to four new routes appearing taking the present total up to 15 with a total length of 177.4km available for trekking.

Prior to this Kyushu was known as a place for hot springs among Korean visitors, however, authorities wanted to challenge and change the attitude. Therefore they joined with the Olle brand to amend this and raise the visitor rate.

Some 97,380 walkers have been on Kyushu Olle from February 2012 until November 2014 becoming one of Kyushu’s representative travel courses.

The newest addition between Amakusa and Reihoku is 11 km in length and will take between four to five hours for completion. Along the route walkers will discover Japan’s history, nature, and culture. The area is also known for its pottery.


“It is already Kyushu Olle’s fifteenth route and I’m feeling very impressed. This route is close to other trails, so it will be loved by travelers who are planning to stay three to four days in the area,” said Olle founder, Suh, at the opening ceremony.

Kyushu’s Tourism Promotion Organization, Takahashi Makoto, added: “Amakusa is one of Japan’s treasure islands with a variety of charming things to do. I wish visitors will enjoy the hot springs, local food, and have a healing time.”

Source: Halla Ilbo (Korean Newspaper)


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