Getting your Jeju Olle Trail Passports – The two passports have now been combined (March 2016 Update)

Every page of the Jeju Olle Passport certifies your completion of each route of Jeju Olle. In addition, you can also keep your memories on the trail with the stamps symbolizing the characteristics of every route you hiked on. With the passport full of 78 stamps (stamps for starting point, mid-point, and finishing point of each route), you can also receive the certification for the completion of 26 routes of Jeju Olle Trail.

Jeju Olle Passport Purchase Locations

  1. Jeju Olle Information Centers at the start of routes 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11.

2. Please go to the Ganse Lounge in old-downtown Jeju City. You can take the #500 bus from out the front of the airport. It comes about every 10 – 12 minutes. Make sure it’s heading in the direction of Jeju National University (NOT Jeju Halla University). When getting on double-check with the bus driver Jungang-ro (show: 중앙로). Expect a 15 minute bus ride depending on traffic. From the bus stop it’s a quick walk to the building.

You can buy the passports there as well as pick up free leaflets on public transport and the grandmother guesthouse program our trail operates.

Also if I’m contacted ahead of time and the schedules are okay, I can come out to meet walkers there. I’d be happy to give an overview of Jeju, the trail, and answer any questions you have in person.

The Ganse Lounge is part of a provincial government project to regenerate the whole area of old-downtown.

3) The Jeju Olle Tourist Center in Seogwipo City. This is our new HQ and walkers can purchase a passport on the ground floor (red square).


14 thoughts on “Getting your Jeju Olle Trail Passports – The two passports have now been combined (March 2016 Update)”

    1. Evening Heidi! Jim here. It is late here in Korea, so I will reply tomorrow. Also, I saw you joined the Facebook group. 굿나이트~^^

    1. Good morning Heidi ~ Okay, here’s my reply for you and anyone else who has this question in the future:

      Q: Me and my husband are going to have Olle trail on May. Is it a must to get Olle Passport since we only make 1 trail?

      A: No, you do not need the Olle passport for only 1 trail. You do not need it to walk on the trail. The Olle passport is optional. Also, all of our trails are free. The passport is a way to record your progress because you can get a medal/certificate.

      Heidi, if you have any more questions before May please let me know. Jim.

  1. Hi, Jim:) more question to ask about Olle trail, is it convenient to have the Olle walk around afternoon to evening? is it too hot in the afternoon or will be to dark in the evening?
    2 weeks countdown to visit Jeju:)

  2. Hi,
    First time asker here. I understand that the 2 passports have now been combined into 1. Does this mean that the two awards (medals/certificates) given for each completed passport in the past is now combined into 1 as well?

    1. You will get a certificate and one medal. Your photo (with permission) will be posted on our web site too!

  3. Hi,
    Is it possible for foreign tourists to buy the passport online? This is because I had attempted to purchase it on the Olle Store website and I am encountering problems during the online payment stage of the purchase. Apparently, there seem to be a Korean plugin that I need to install for it to process the payment but I am not sure if that is the cause



    1. Hi, we have a Jeju Olle store online. But it is all in Korean. So it really isn’t possible to buy the passport online. Just get it when you come to Jeju…

  4. Hi there,
    I am planning on spending a week walking some of the Ollie Trail at the end of March. Is it possible to buy the passport and have it sent to me? I live in Seoul.
    Also, What are the opening hours for the Ganse Lounge if I need to buy the passport in person?

    좋은 길

  5. Hi Alan ~ The Ganse Lounge is open from 10 AM until 6 PM every day. Unless you are able to navigate the Olle store in Korean online then there is no way to get a passport sent.

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