2016-09-03 (Saturday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates

Today’s Akajabong Volunteer Guide

A staggering 22 participants will be on Route 3-B with Angela (Korean with English name). Click this link for Route 3 information.

Jeju Walking And Weather Report

Looking at a high of 27C on the island today with cloud until the evening when everything should clear slightly. Winds of 2-4m/s.

The 12th typhoon of the year (Namtheun) continues to make its way northwards and will  have an indirect influence on the island over the weekend.


Weekend walkers should take note of people cleaning family tombs in preparation for Chuseok. There will be more vehicles on narrow country lanes than usual. There will also be the buzzing sound of grass cutters.

Jeju Olle Trail News

Our first talent sharing academy class got underway yesterday evening at our tourist center in Seogwipo City and will continue tonight with book art at 8pm. These classes will go every Friday and Saturday until the end of September. If you are interested shoot me a message. I’ll guide you through the simple registration process. The classes are usually free or have a token fee for materials. Next Friday’s class (9/9) is a secret(!) and next Saturday you’ll be learning the Jeju language (9/10).

Jeju Olle Trail Sharing Academy

Other Jeju News of Note

The weather service has released a Jeju summer weather statistics roundup. The stats cover June 2016 – August 2016 and will help give international walkers a sense of summer here.

*EDIT* Adding the hotter weather on the island was due to high pressure coming down from the Bering Sea and mainland China.

25.6C Jeju Island average temperature (0.8C higher than average and the 6th highest since records began in 1961).

28.5C Jeju Island average high temperature (1C higher than average and 7th highest since records began).

23.3C Jeju Island average low temperature (4C higher than average and 4th highest since records began).

26.1C Jeju City area average temperature (2nd highest since records began in 1923).

Across the whole of Jeju Island there were heat wave warnings for 7 days (average 4 days) and 39 tropical nights (average 24 nights). In the Jeju City area there were 14 days of heat wave warnings (6 average) and 43 tropical nights (23 average). These numbers are well over average. A tropical night occurs when the overnight temperature (6pm – 9am) does not fall below 25c.

From August 1 to August 25 it was particularly hot across the island with an average temperature of 28.9C which is the 2nd highest since 1961.

On the other hand the island received lower than average rainfall.

Jeju got 496.1mm, which is 62% lower than the 781.1 average since records began in 1973. Actually this is still only the 11th lowest. But Jeju City received 336.9MM. This is the 6th lowest since records began in 1923.

The 2016 rainy season began on June 18 and ran for 29 days until July 16. It was 3 days shorter than usual. Rainfall was measured at 347.4mm which is 87% of a typical year.

Even though 11 typhoons appeared in the Pacific Ocean, none directly passed over Jeju Island.

좋은 하루 되에요 – Jim


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