2016-09-07 (Wednesday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates

Today’s Akajabong Volunteer Guide

Na Jeong-won is leading nine walkers on Jeju Olle Trail’s most popular route, Route 7, this morning.

Jeju Walking And Weather Report

Expecting a high of 27c (will feel like 29c at times). Bright with cloud cover. Light to gentle breeze blowing in from the north-west. We had a light rain shower this morning in Jeju City, but no rain is really forecast. Air quality is normal (bad in Jeju City). The 12th typhoon of the season is south of Japan and might be influencing Jeju Island in the next few days.

Jeju Olle Trail News

Our walking festival is getting closer (October 21/22 on Route 1 and 2 in reverse). The office have released an official trailer for the upcoming event. Pre-registration for 20,000 WON gets you a goodie pack of exclusive stuff. If you don’t want to pre-register 100 walkers will be able to do so on site. First-come-first-served basis. www.jejuolle.org.

Other Jeju News of Note

Experts are extracting cores from the summit of Halla Mountain hoping to understand the origins and history a little more. All in Korean, but it’s cool to see people down in the crater.


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