2016-09-26 (Monday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates

Today’s Akajabong Volunteer Guide

Song ho-sik is with 11 walkers on Route 6 in Seogwipo today.

Oh Byeong-il guided 26 walkers on Route 7-1 throughout Sunday. A couple of photos below:

Jeju Walking Weather Report


High of 28 on the island. Apparently a cloudy day is due with a gentle wind blowing from the east. Might be a tiny amount of rain in some parts of the island this morning (1mm). Check air quality map.

Jeju Olle Trail News

The young supporters (Belegi Ganse) held their ‘Walk Together’ event on Saturday. Here are the photos from the day:

Other Jeju News of Note

Some walkers will be getting interested in when the fall/autumn leaves start to change color here on the island. Jeju is not one of the best places to view the changing colors actually. However, the Yeongsil Trail on Halla Mountain does offer some views down into the valley.

The leaves will start to change on Halla Mountain from October 16, 2016 and will be at their peak on October 29, 2016.



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