2016-09-29 (Thursday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates

Today’s Akajabong Volunteer Guide

Kim Hyeong-soon is guiding 11 walkers on Route 17 this morning near Jeju City.

Chae Su-gyeong walked with 13 people in reverse on Route 9 yesterday. Rain-soaked photos below.

Jeju Walking Weather Report

Shaping up to be another wet day on the trail with cloud and rain. High of 24c with a gentle to moderate breeze blowing from the east. Pack that light rain jacket. Check air quality map.


Jeju Olle Trail News

I got some feedback from a Canadian walker who walked a number of routes in September. It is always appreciated when people take the time out to write me after the walk is finished…

“We loved staying in Seogwipo and getting out to the trails each day.  In the 10 days that we were there, we did 8 Trails.  (5,6,7,1,14,1-1,2,10).   Definitely,  would love to come back and do some more!  The scenery was exquisite!!!  Once we figured out the bus system and which terminal to go to etc, it was good.  People were very helpful indeed!!”


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