2016-10-06 (Thursday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates

Today’s Akajabong Volunteer Guide

First-time guide Jin Gyeong-im will be with 25 walkers on Route 6 throughout the day.

We had no Akajabong yesterday due to Typhoon Chaba.

Jeju Walking Weather Report


High of 25c with little cloud and a gentle breeze from the north/north-east. No rain forecast. Check air quality map.

Jeju Olle Trail News

We’ve released information about what will be in your pre-order pack for the 2016 Jeju Olle Trail Walking Festival.


Other Jeju News of Note

I’ve got a few news stories stacked up, but I’ll go with Typhoon Chaba information.

+ This is the seventh October typhoon on the Korean peninsular since 1951 in part due to cold air and warm sea water.

+ This is the 18th typhoon of the year.

 + On October 5 at 4:50am the interior island area near Seongsan had a center pressure of 955hPa, wind speed of 40m/s, and a storm radius of 200km.

+ Halla Mountain (Witsae Oreum) saw 624.5mm of rain in a day. Between 3am and 4am 171.5mm of rain fell.

+ Jeju City had 175.1mm of rain. Seogwipo City 288.9mm, Gimnyeong 230.5mm, Seongsan 141.6mm. On the other hand Gosan on the west-side of the island had 26.6mm.

+ October 5 at 4:22am Gosan recorded a 56.6m/s gust of wind. This is behind Typhoon Meami in 2003 (60m/s) and Typhoon Rusa in 2002 (56.7m/s).

+ Previous October typhoons have been in 1951, 1961, 1994, 1998, 2013, 2014, and now 2016.

+ Typhoon Danas in 2013 had a center pressure of 970hPa, top wind speed of 36.0m/s and 58.5mm of rain.


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