2016-10-13 (Thursday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates

Today’s Akajabong Volunteer Guide

Na Jong-won will guide 21 walkers on Route 13 today.

Kim Song-nam guided 39 walkers until lunch and 35 walkers until the end of  Route 12 yesterday (originally 24 registered).

Jeju Walking Weather Report


Should have a high of 21 with clouds and a gentle to moderate breeze from the north-east again. No rain forecast. Check air quality map.

Other Jeju News of Note

I have some newly released statistics here about population changes in the Jeju-si area of the island (not Seogwipo).

The Jeju-si population as of October 2016 now stands at  about 480,000. This has grown by 10,000 since January 2016.

8,747 Koreans have registered their address here as well as 1,455 foreigners.

A total of 12,357 foreigners now live in Jeju-si.

Population increases in eup areas (more rural) since January 2016

Aewol: 910

Hallim: 848

Jocheon: 654

Gujwa: 289

Hangyeong: 234

Udo: 79

  • Chujado has seen 100 people decrease

Population increases in dong areas (more urban) since January 2016

Samyang-dong: 4095

Ara-dong: 2554

Ora-dong: 1449

Oedo-dong: 734

Bongae: 266

  • Samyang-dong and Ara-dong increases can be attributed to large apartment construction projects moving into their completion phases.

Population decreases in dong areas (more urban) since January 2016

Ildo-2-dong: 545

Yongdam-2-dong: 275

Yongdam-1-dong: 256

Samdo-2-dong: 111

Ildo-1-dong: 71


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