2016-10-20 (Thursday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates

Today’s Akajabong Volunteer Guide

Kang Jin-cheol is guiding 21 walkers on Route 20.

Shin Yeong-deok guided 28 walkers on Route 19 yesterday.

Jeju Walking Weather Report


Looking at a high of 23c with cloud cover, a moderate east wind, and no rain forecast. Please check the air quality map.

Jeju Olle Trail News

Office staff members and volunteers are really hard at work putting together the finishing touches on the festival. Remember we’re on Route 1 tomorrow in reverse and Route 2 on Saturday in reverse.

The Ganse Lounge will be hosting a pre-festival party this evening from 6pm through to 9pm. Various musicals acts playing all for free.


Also, posting something ahead of time for the following week (October 30). The Ganse Lounge will host American chef Ken Myszka for a food talk concert between 7-9pm. He’ll be exploring Jeju and putting healthy food on the table by drawing on his numerous experiences including those with Epiphany Farms Enterprise in Downs, Illinois.


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