2017-02-16 (Thursday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates


We have one volunteer guided walk on the trail for Thursday, February 16, 2017.

Kim Do-song is guiding eleven walkers on Route 16


Feb. 2017 Guided Walk Schedule Registration Information


Hong Dal-hyeon guided walkers on Route 15

(Unfortunately we only have one blurred photo from the walk)




We have a nice high of 16 Celsius with some cloud and light air to light breezes blowing in an east or north east direction. There is rain and higher winds forecast this evening.


Air conditions are GOOD (full chart here)



2017 sees the 10 year anniversary of Jeju Olle Trail and to help celebrate this we are crowdfunding a book in which contributions and stories from Olle walkers will be published. Writing, drawings, and photos will be collected until April 15. Then from April until August the editing and design phase will happen. From late August the book will be published. The whole process follows typical crowdfunding procedures. If you donate a certain amount then you will receive a differing level of gift in return. If you are interested in contributing or donating to the book contact jejuolle@jejuolle.org. The donation site is all in the Korean language, so you will need a Korean speaker to help out with your transaction. CLICK HERE FOR KOREAN LINK.


Recently our academy member Lee Seong-gwan has been taking some great photos on the trail. Here are his photos from Route 12 completed on 2017-02-13 between 11:30 am and 5:30 pm. Distance 17.1 KM.


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