2017-02-21 (Tuesday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates


We have one volunteer guided walk on the trail for Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

Baek Hae-jin is guiding three walkers on Route 6.

There is no guided walk on Route 21 today despite it being the 21st of the month. From tomorrow routes will be randomly selected by guides until the end of the month. From March 1st the order of Route 1, Route 2 etc will start again.


Feb. 2017 Guided Walk Schedule Registration Information


Oh Sang-hoon is guided five walkers on Route 20.

There are no photographs from this walk.



There will be a high of 11 Celsius with little cloud and up to moderate breezes blowing in an westerly direction. This morning will feel cold, but it will warm up a bit. There is lots of rain forecast for tomorrow.


Air pollution conditions GOOD –  UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS (full chart here)


Kyushu Olle, Japan, opened Route 18 (Izumi, 13.8KM) and Route 19 (Miyama-Kiyomizuyama 11.5KM) last weekend. Here are a selection of professional and walker photographs from the events.

Please visit this Kyushu Olle Facebook group link if you want to see typical and realistic photographs about Route 18 and Route 19. Everything is in Japanese or Korean, but translation is possible.

Kyushu Olle began five years ago as Jeju Olle’s sister trail. The plan is to open between two to four routes a year until there are around 30 in total spread out across the island of Kyushu.


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