2017-04-14 (Friday) Jeju Olle Trail News and Updates


Jo Geun-ik will guide 5 registered walkers on Route 14.

April 2017 Guided Walk Schedule and Registration Information


Choi Hyang-suk guided walkers on Route 13.


Jeju Weather 2017-04-14

There will be a high of 23 Celsius on the island with little white cloud / clear sky and light to gentle breezes blowing south in the morning. Later on there will be a little more white cloud. The wind should pick up to some moderate breezes in the afternoon blowing north-east before calming down for tomorrow morning.

Jeju Air Quality 2017-04-14

Air pollution conditions are GOOD TO MODERATE (full chart)


Route 15-B will officially open on April 22, 2017. At the moment Route 15 goes inland through many farmers fields. This alternative route will go along the coast. It is 13.5 KM and should take 4 to 5 hours from Hallim Port to Gonae Port.

Route 15-B English


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