2020-01-21 | Start the Day with Olle Ponies

Today’s Olle Image

Ganse Ponies… posted to our Academy group by Hyeon Seung-cheol  on 20 January.

Today’s Guided Walk(s)

* Route 21 | Guide: Kim Seong-gyeong | 13 pre-registered walkers

* Route 18 (reverse) | Guide: Kim Gyeong-ae | 11 pre-registered walkers

Register for our guided walks

Weather Summary

We have a high of 9°C with patchy and clear sky at lower altitudes followed by more cloud later. A lovely light wind (3-2m/s) is going to south.

Overall – with an outer jacket – it should be a GOOD day for walking the trail.

Fine Dust Situation (07:00 KST)

The PM2.5 micro fine dust level is GOOD.

The PM10 fine dust level across the island is GOOD.

Breathe EASILY today.

*Please refer to the Jeju Environment Protection Research Center (http://air.jeju.go.kr/index.htm) or Air Korea (https://bit.ly/2taWZp5) for excellent maps showing the real-time influence of fine dust.

UV Level

The forecast UV level is NORMAL.

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