2020-07-13 | Jeju Olle Trail Daily Update [Continued Test Post]

There are no guided walks or trail cleaning events until September

Today’s Olle Image

“A night view of Biyangdo” at the start point of Route 15. Posted to our academy group on July 12 by Oh Soon-deok.

Today’s Guided Walk(s)

Guided walks will not start again until September 1. This is due to the corona virus and hot summer weather on the island.

– Information about registering for our guided walks –

Yesterday’s Guided Walk(s)

There were no guided walks on the trail.

Weather Summary

We have a high of 29°C with cloud and rain due until the evening. There will be little sporadic rain showers in Jeju City. However, expect a large regional variation depending where you are on the island. A fresh to strong wind (7-11 m/s) will blow north-west.

Once again watch out for further flooded farm track sections on the routes. You should still be able to walk around the edges.

– The sun will rise at 05:34 and set at 19:45 –

The PM 2.5 micro fine dust level is GOOD (07:00 KST)

The PM 10 fine dust level is GOOD (07:00 KST)

The forecast UV level is NORMAL.

Please refer to the Jeju Environment Protection Research Center (http://air.jeju.go.kr/index.htm)

Air Korea (https://bit.ly/2taWZp5) for excellent maps showing the real-time influence of fine dust.

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