English Trail Education with Trail Guide | March 2015 | Route 7 | After Action Report

Chinese, British, South African, Spanish, and Koreans all took to Jeju Olle Trail for an English-language guided walk last Saturday (March 14). We went off on Route 7 following Paul Moon throughout the day as he introduced Jeju Island and Jeju Olle Trail to fellow walkers. Here are a few images from the day.










English Language Trail Education with Trail Guide Event | March 14 (SAT), Route 7, 10 a.m.

Education Walk

This Saturday (March 14), we’re going to have a special trail guide education walk and talk day in English.

It’ll be led by retired air force officer Paul Moon, who is an Olle trail expert, and speaks excellent English. He is also a qualified Jeju guide.

Participants will learn about the history and culture of Jeju Olle Trail and the island itself.

We will all set off on Jeju Olle Trail’s most popular route, Route 7 (Oedolgae), at about 10 a.m. The length of the walk will be 13.8km with a difficulty rating of medium and taking around 5 hours. There are no oreums to climb on this route.

However, depending on how long we stop at individual places for discussion, we may not finish all of the route. This will be determined on the day.

Please prepare your typical clothing, snacks, drinks, and equipment as I always write in other event announcements.

This is a free event.

For further information leave a message here or get in touch with English-speaking office staff member, Rachel Kim (rachelmgk@jejuolle.org).

[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Clean Olle’| Route 16 | February 2015

IMG_20150214_094242 - 복사본

Here are a few images from Route 16’s Clean Olle which took place on February 14.

There was a good group of volunteers out for this month along with Olle Founder Suh Myeong-suk who walked, collected, and talked with everyone as they went along the coastal section.

A lot of the trash was a mixture of that brought in on the tide and from tourists leaving behind wrappers and plastic drinks cups in rental car rest areas.

A couple of years ago Route 16 was given a really good clean for the walking festival. Yet since that time the trash has come back.

The support team provided much needed refreshments along the route with some pleasant breaks in front of the ocean.

March will see Clean Olle tackle Route 3 (to be fully confirmed) on the south-east tip of the island.

[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Clean Olle’| Route 6 | December 2014

It is the end of 2014 and the Clean Olle volunteers were out on Route 6 in Seogwipo to see out the final Olle trash collection of the year.

Despite the cold a number of academy graduates attended prior to their meeting and dinner later in the afternoon. Also a number of office staff including founder, Suh Myung-sook, took part in the morning’s trash collecting activities.

On each Clean Olle we’re usually treated to a lot of food throughout the day. Be it from the trunk of someone’s car before setting off in the morning. Or from a bag or box during a rest stop. Or even from a store alongside the route. December had the group stop at a Jeju grandmother operated snack stand of sorts. Warming up inside the tent we had sweet potato, pajeon, and swintari which is like a Jeju homemade rice wine.

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[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Clean Olle’| Route 19 | September 2014

A photo diary of September’s ‘Clean Olle’ here on Jeju Island, South Korea (All photos except the group shot are courtesy of Hui-joon who is a Young Supporter 3rd Group member)