[SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2019] Today’s Main Olle Ponies Post

Today’s Olle Image

Taking a Rest on top of the Oreum by No Jeong-yeol on the Route 2 guided walk yesterday.

Today’s Guided Walks

We have THREE walks on the trail.

Route 3-A (reverse start) | Guide: Kim Hyo-jin | Registered Walkers: 6

Route 20 | Guide: Byeon Gyeong-ah | Registered Walkers: 6

Route 11 | Guide: Kang Jin-cheol | Registered Walkers: 9

Yesterday’s Guided Walks Roundup

We had 20 walkers take part on Route 2. Photos in a random order.

Route 1-1 had 10 walkers. They also cleaned the trail.

Sunrise and Sunset on Jeju

Sunrise was at 7:01 a.m. and sunset will be at 6:32 p.m.

Weather Report

Weather in detail: http://web.kma.go.kr/aboutkma/intro/jeju/index.jsp 

We have a high of 13°C with cloud and then rain showers mainly from the evening. A moderate wind is going to blow west then south-west. It should be a brooding, but nice walk out there.

Air Quality Report

Breathe easy today as the fine dust disappears. A little micro-fine dust will linger but clear up as the day goes on.


Walk From Jeju International Airport Directly on to Jeju Olle Trail Route 17 and into Jeju City – No need for the bus

You can begin your Jeju Olle Trail walk directly from Jeju International Airport.

Jeju International Airport has a connecting, officially marked trail, with Route 17.

Route 17 continues into Jeju City and is a good way to start your walk transport free.

There is a trend among international walkers coming to Jeju Olle Trail.

Many are choosing to start at Route 18 in Jeju City and not Route 1 in Siheung-ri.

So if the time of day is right, why not start walking as soon as you get off the airplane?

Doing it this way should be a great introduction to South Korea and Jeju.

    • Walkers really make it a ‘walking holiday’.
    • Walkers will pass the official Olle information center, Ganse Lounge, in Jeju City and can pick up passports, food, and drink there.
    • Walkers can make a reservation ahead of time for accommodation in the area (there is a lot).
  • The whole area near the Route 18 start point has restaurants and food supplies to get you ready for your first full day on the trail.

Walkers usually need up to 2 hours for the trip into the city this way

The following day walkers can continue on Route 18 or instead take a bus on to Route 1.

Useful Korean Language Words and Phrases for Walkers on Jeju Olle Trail


This is a one page Korean language hint sheet for walkers. The phrases and words will help you get about for the day. It will be best to show a passing Korean or private/public transport driver.

This page was created after the feedback from Laura Scott of Roam Far and Wide. Thank you.

Please download the file to your smart phone or tablet device.

PDF: Jeju Olle Trail Useful Korean Words and Phrases 

Getting your Jeju Olle Trail Completion Certificate

Jeju Olle Trail Passport Stamps

Jeju Olle Trail has ONE passport for stamps.

COMPLETE the passport for a certificate and medal.

Each route has a start, middle, and end point stamp.

There is ONE place for Olle walkers to get their completion certificate. 

Jeju Olle Trail HQ (Seogwipo City)

제주특별자치도 서귀포시 중동로 74 2층

Seogwipo, Jungdong-ro 74-2, 2nd Floor

Passports can have up to three route mid-point stamps missing.

Stamps do not have to be inside the passport to be officially considered. Stamps can be collected on scrap paper or on the inside pages of a guidebook (for example).

If you do not have a stamp, a photograph at the stamp box will also be considered evidence of completion.