Getting your Jeju Olle Trail Completion Certificate

Jeju Olle Trail Passport Stamps

Jeju Olle Trail has ONE passport for stamps.

COMPLETE the passport for a certificate and medal.

Each route has a start, middle, and end point stamp.

There is ONE place for Olle walkers to get their completion certificate. 

Jeju Olle Trail HQ (Seogwipo City)

제주특별자치도 서귀포시 중동로 74 2층

Seogwipo, Jungdong-ro 74-2, 2nd Floor

Passports can have up to three route mid-point stamps missing.

Stamps do not have to be inside the passport to be officially considered. Stamps can be collected on scrap paper or on the inside pages of a guidebook (for example).

If you do not have a stamp, a photograph at the stamp box will also be considered evidence of completion.