Free English guidebook download for Jeju Olle Trail

This page has changed and does not have guidebook files. This is because…

Newer editions of the English language guidebook are available by clicking this link.


A Day Away Awesome Jeju – Jeju Olle Trail English Guided Tour Program between September and November 2015

A Day Away Awesome Jeju Tour Info-1

A Day Away Awesome Jeju Tour Info-2

Hey everyone Jim here with a new post about something Jeju Olle Trail is up to for foreign walkers.

From September 28th 2015 through to November 14th 2015 we’re going to be operating a guided tour program in English and Chinese. This program, A Day Away Awesome Jeju, will take participants out onto the Olle trails for a while, up an oreum, as well as provide a local village experience.

English tours will run on Fridays.

Please register for the 64,000 WON ($55 USD) tour by visiting the official web site.

Download the PDF tour guide document for full details: A Day Away Awesome Jeju Tour Info

Sep 18th: WEST / Oct 2nd: SOUTH / Oct 9th: WEST / Oct 16th: EAST / Oct 23rd: SOUTH / Nov 6th: EAST / Nov 13th: SOUTH