[Ken Lee Collection] ‘Grass and Wind’ with Ken Lee’s ‘Seoul State of Mind’ Jeju Olle Trail Blog Posts


Grass and Wind Seoul State of Mind

Ken Lee is a British Gwangju-based Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporter (Belegi Ganse) who has a talent for taking some wonderful photographs of Jeju Olle Trail when he visits the island.

Lee was last over here for the 3rd Group Workshop a couple of weeks ago and his new Jeju Olle Trail themed blog post via Seoul State of Mind concerns the ‘Grass and Wind’ of Route 12.

For the rest of the photographs follow through on this link to his blog.

I’ll be posting more of Lee’s previous Olle related content and photographs under the banner of the ‘Ken Lee Collection’ in the near future.

But for now just enjoy ‘Grass and Wind’.


[Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporters Belegi Ganse] A look back on the June 2014 Belegi Ganse Workshop Weekend (SAT)

The Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporters (Belegi Ganse) held a workshop last weekend with members flying in from various parts of the Korean mainland including Seoul, Gwangju, and Busan to take part.

Here is a photographic look back at the Saturday highlights that began by joining up with June’s ‘Walk Together’ event until the Route 12 mid-point.

After that the Young Supporters drove to downtown Seogwipo City for a serving of Ssambab.

That was followed by another drive to an old converted elementary school in Sinpung Village to participate in a number of fun team building games.

As the afternoon stretched on into the evening various sessions were presented concerning the work the Young Supporters have already done and will be doing in the future.

– All photographs are courtesy of Park Hee-jun


[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Walk Together’| Route 1 | May 2014

The May edition of Jeju Olle Trail’s ‘Walk Together’ event took place on May 24 (SAT) from the Route 1 start point at 10am.

Quite a few different groups came out for the day including the Young Supporters (Belegi Ganse) who I spent the day walking with.

It was also great to see a small contingent of foreign walkers who went on their merry way after the opening photographs. Thank you for participating.

 Jeju Olle Trail Founder, Suh Myung-sook, and a Route 1 steward, Victor, were also on hand to chat with walkers too.

Anyway enjoy the images from the day.

[Young Supporters – Belegi Ganse] Looking back on the orientation weekend for the 3rd group of volunteer Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporters (Belegi Ganse)

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Orientation for the third group of Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporters (Belegi Ganse) occurred last weekend. If you’re aged from 20 to 30 years old and want to help out with volunteering for Jeju Olle Trail then this is the group to participate in.

I was a member of the second group and got up to many activities and events throughout my year. I had such a great time and you can read about it here in the Korean media (scroll down for English) and here on this blog.

For 2014 there are another thirty-or-so volunteers including two foreign participants (one Englishman and one Canadian).

Saturday morning began out at the Route 6 start point and we were separated into smaller groups of 5 to walk the trail together. Though we were in groups everyone mingled together at points including rest stops.

Lunch was in downtown Seogwipo.

Afterwards we completed the trail and then headed on to the wonderful Galeum Guesthouse for the night. There were so many of us we booked out the whole place.

Dinner was Korean barbecue in the guesthouse garden followed by retiring inside for info sessions including a Q&A with a Jeju Olle Trail office staff member.

After a night relaxation and fun Sunday continued with more information sessions throughout the day.

Young Supporters learned what happened the previous year and learned of upcoming projects that they would be expected to complete.

Jeju Olle Trail Founder, Suh Myeong-suk, arrived to speak with the Young Supporters for an hour. She spoke on how Jeju Olle Trail got started and on the need for younger people to get involved with the trail.

Leadership positions were filled up and everyone retired for lunch before more free mingling sessions in the afternoon.

Finally while the official window of registration for the third group of Young Supporters has closed any late registrants are welcome on a case-by-case basis, so send us a message. Korean language skills are welcome, but not necessary as many within the Young Supporters group speak English.