Getting your Jeju Olle Trail completion certificate

Jeju Olle Trail Passport Stamps

Jeju Olle Trail has two passports for recording your progress around the trail. In this passport you will need to get start, middle, and end point stamps from the rotues.

If you finish one passport you can claim a medal for it. If you finish both passports you can get another medal and a completion certificate.

We offer two places for Olle walkers to get their completion certificate. They are:

Jeju Olle Trail Airport Info Desk Domestic Arrivals (Jeju City)

Jeju Olle Trail HQ (Seogwipo City) – 제주특별자치도 서귀포시 중동로 74 2층 / Seogwipo, Jungdong-ro 74-2, 2nd Floor

The Olle office also adds these following notes:

  • Passports can have up to three route mid-point stamps missing.
  • Stamps do not have to be inside the passport to be officially considered. Stamps can be collected on scrap paper or on the inside pages of a guidebook (for example).
  • If you do not have a stamp, a photograph at the stamp box will also be considered evidence of completion.