[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Clean Olle’| Route 16 | February 2015

IMG_20150214_094242 - 복사본

Here are a few images from Route 16’s Clean Olle which took place on February 14.

There was a good group of volunteers out for this month along with Olle Founder Suh Myeong-suk who walked, collected, and talked with everyone as they went along the coastal section.

A lot of the trash was a mixture of that brought in on the tide and from tourists leaving behind wrappers and plastic drinks cups in rental car rest areas.

A couple of years ago Route 16 was given a really good clean for the walking festival. Yet since that time the trash has come back.

The support team provided much needed refreshments along the route with some pleasant breaks in front of the ocean.

March will see Clean Olle tackle Route 3 (to be fully confirmed) on the south-east tip of the island.


Recruitment period for Jeju Olle Trail’s ‘Belegi Ganse’ Young Supporters. (February 12 – March 1, 2015)

2015 벨레기간세 4기 모집 포스터(1)

Jeju Olle Trail is seeking around 30 young supporters to join their ‘Belegi Ganse’ program for the year of 2015.

Young supporters are in their 20’s and 30’s and partake in a number of activities during their time including workshops, regular meetings, ‘Clean Olle’, and promotion of various festivals and events on behalf of Jeju Olle Trail.

For further information on how to sign up please message the office via jejuolle@jejuolle.org. Or send me a message too. I have tales to tell.

* Recruitment period ends on March 1 and members will be announced on March 6.

A day with Jeju Olle Trail’s Young Supporters – 3rd Group Belegi Ganse

The 3rd year of Young Supporters spent a day hiking, eating, and preparing ribbons for Jeju Olle Trail.

Young supporters are aged from high school through to those in their early 30s and are the trail’s way of getting Korean youth involved.

Every year a new group is formed in March. This particular meet up on January 31 was one of the last ones the 3rd group of supporters would be having before the 4th group takes over in 2015.

We spend a lot of time at the Lefthander Guesthouse out in Sewha because the owner, Richard Yu, is a big supporter of Jeju Olle. It is also the home for the 3rd group leaders who have set up a restaurant in the nearby Woljeong Beach area.

After meeting for 10 a.m. we departed for some oreum hiking all together in Richard’s Starex van.

Then it was off into the wilds of Jeju for a chilly and fun walk.

With that done we were feeling peckish so headed to a Chinese restaurant near Gimnyoung Beach called Darehyang. These days on Jeju many restaurants don’t give you enough portion for how much you’ve paid. However, this place proved to be an exception and very filling.

The afternoon session had the volunteers prepare the trail ribbons which in turn would be passed on to route leaders and the exploration team for hanging on the trail.

Basically it involves a lot of cutting and making sure the ends of those cuts are sealed by passing the ribbon over a candle flame.

*If you are interested in joining the 4th group from March 2015 then this is the time to contact us and join up.

* If you are a trail manager and want more information about this program please send a message too. I’d be happy to provide details about the way we do it here on Jeju Island.

Tales from the Jeju Olle Trail Trail: Bringing Christmas Santa cheer to Olle at the end of 2014

Santa took time out of his busy schedule to walk Jeju Olle Trail at the end of 2014.

It’s a tradition that started last year with long-term Olle volunteer and now office staff member Hong In-hoo.

Basically a group of us get together, dress up in festive outfits, choose an Olle route, and spend the day walking that route giving out presents (socks, chocolate). We then pose for pictures with whoever we meet along the way.

In 2013 I was able to assist Santa on the southern coastal Route 8 as he weaved his way through Jungmun Beach and Resort (see below).

This time around on December 21, 2014 we took to Route 21 on the completely opposite north-eastern side.

Wonderfully enough the Santa outfit we have also fit my larger frame.

The biggest difficulty about the day over the 10.1km was the weather. It was indeed wintry while walking.

Snow and sleet hammered down as the volunteer group made their way through the volcanic stone wall fields of Hado-ri.

It let up for a bit next to the ocean long enough for Santa to stroll on a snow-covered beach.

Approaching Jimi-bong inclement weather returned so we abandoned the summit route and instead opted for the detour route around the base.

We all managed to meet a couple of brave Olle walkers on the day that were given small chocolate gifts, and waved to a lot of tourists and locals passing by in their vehicles.

It’s also an event that we’re going to try and keep going every year. So if you’re reading this in the weeks before Christmas please send a message. Maybe you can come and help us out.

[Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporters Belegi Ganse] A look back on the June 2014 Belegi Ganse Workshop Weekend (SAT)

The Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporters (Belegi Ganse) held a workshop last weekend with members flying in from various parts of the Korean mainland including Seoul, Gwangju, and Busan to take part.

Here is a photographic look back at the Saturday highlights that began by joining up with June’s ‘Walk Together’ event until the Route 12 mid-point.

After that the Young Supporters drove to downtown Seogwipo City for a serving of Ssambab.

That was followed by another drive to an old converted elementary school in Sinpung Village to participate in a number of fun team building games.

As the afternoon stretched on into the evening various sessions were presented concerning the work the Young Supporters have already done and will be doing in the future.

– All photographs are courtesy of Park Hee-jun