Getting your Jeju Olle Trail completion certificate

Jeju Olle Trail Passport Stamps

Jeju Olle Trail has two passports for recording your progress around the trail. In this passport you will need to get start, middle, and end point stamps from the rotues.

If you finish one passport you can claim a medal for it. If you finish both passports you can get another medal and a completion certificate.

We offer two places for Olle walkers to get their completion certificate. They are:

Jeju Olle Trail Airport Info Desk Domestic Arrivals (Jeju City)

Jeju Olle Trail HQ (Seogwipo City) – 제주특별자치도 서귀포시 중동로 74 2층 / Seogwipo, Jungdong-ro 74-2, 2nd Floor

The Olle office also adds these following notes:

  • Passports can have up to three route mid-point stamps missing.
  • Stamps do not have to be inside the passport to be officially considered. Stamps can be collected on scrap paper or on the inside pages of a guidebook (for example).
  • If you do not have a stamp, a photograph at the stamp box will also be considered evidence of completion.

Jeju Olle Trail Finisher’s Club – Facts and statistics about walkers who have finished the trail (November 2011 – January 2015)

Jeju Olle Trail has launched the Jeju Olle Trail Finisher’s Club. Walkers who have the two Olle passports and stamps from the start, middle, and end points of each route are eligible to join. Upon finishing walkers can apply for a completion certificate and medals.

Total Recorded Finishers

670 people (between November 2011 until January 2015 | *Jeju Olle Trail was completed in November 2011)

2012 – 46 finishers

2013 – 287 finishers

2014 – 307 finishers

2015 – 31 finishers

Male: 67.9% (455 people) | Female: 32.1% (215 people)

Age Group Distribution

Under 20 – 0.6% (4 people)

20’s  – 7.5% (50 people)

30’s – 17.6% (60 people)

40’s – 21.5% (144 people)

50’s – 18.3% (123 people)

60’s – 17.6% (118 people)

Over 70 – 3.9% (26 people)

Oldest Finisher: Jang Yea-suk (85 years old – born 1930 | female)

Youngest Finisher: Kim Dan-gun (12 years old – born 2003)

Finisher’s Origin

Seoul and suburbs – 50.8% (341 people)

Gyeongsang-do – 16.1% (108 people)

Jeju Island – 13.5% (91 people)

Jeollanam-do 6.1% (41 people)

Chuncheon-do – 5.8% (39 people)

Gangwon-do – 1.6% (11 people)

Foreign Finishers: 8 people (including USA, Canada, Taiwan)

Top Reasons

“My mind and body needs a break”

“For my health”

“To feel Jeju’s beauty”

“I want to know about Jeju”

Favorite Routes

Route 6, Route 10, Route 14-1

Further Information

*Official Finishers Club Community (Korean-language only):

* Statistics source (Korean-language)

[Jeju Olle Trail Route 20] Hiking Information | Guide | Accommodation | Restaurants | Map


Route 20 Essential Information


– Switch to road layout view to get a closer zoom –





IMPORTANT: Nothing of Note

General Overview

* The start of this route seems desolate and remote. Actually the village center of Gimnyeong is a short walk away with accommodation, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes. Please see the Google Map yellow line markings for information about this.

* If you linger too long enjoying Woljeong Beach, then you’ll realize you still have a lot of the trail to walk. Be careful about this.

Route 20 Highlights