2020-07-24 (FRIDAY) | Jeju Olle Trail Daily Update

There are no guided walks or trail cleaning events until September

Today’s Olle Image

“Winter has arrived…” along Mongolia Olle Route 2 . Uploaded to our academy group by Kim Yong-chan on July 22. Photo is undated.

Weather Summary

We have a high of 27°C with cloud cover, some sunshine (for an hour or two in Jeju City this mid-morning) and rain showers all day until tomorrow lunch time. A fresh wind (10 m/s) will blow north-west then west.

Overall there will be a PLEASANT TEMPERATURE but another WET day on the trail. Some routes could have localized flooding – especially farm track areas.

Sunrise: 05:41 // Sunset is at 19:40

The PM 2.5 micro fine dust level is GOOD (07:00 KST)

The PM 10 fine dust level is GOOD (07:00 KST)

The UV level is HIGH (early morning) / NORMAL (morning) / NORMAL (afternoon)

Please refer to the Jeju Environment Protection Research Center (http://air.jeju.go.kr/index.htm)

Air Korea (https://bit.ly/2taWZp5) has excellent maps showing the real-time influence of fine dust.

Ultraviolet index for South Korea and Jeju Island can be checked here.

Jeju Island News

All news stories translated with Google Translate and edited for unclear meanings

2020 ‘Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival’ was eventually canceled in the aftermath of Corona 19

The Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival was eventually canceled in the aftermath of the corona virus infection.

The Jeju Island Tourism Association announced on the 23rd that it decided to cancel the Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival in order to prevent the spread of Corona 19 in the community.

The association originally planned to hold the Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival on May 24, but had delayed the date to September 6 due to concerns about Corona 19 infection on April 14.

However, the association explained that the decision to cancel was inevitable due to the deterioration of the corona19-related situation, including the occurrence of secondary and tertiary infections in Jeju as well as the metropolitan area and the second phase of social distance in Gwangju and Jeonnam.

An official from the association said, “I am very sorry to decide to cancel the event.” I hope that in May next year, the Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival will be held as a festival where residents and tourists will be together.”

For the refund of the participation fee for the Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival, please contact the festival website or the Jeju Tourism Association Marathon Secretariat.

Source: https://www.news1.kr/articles/?4004530