Guided Walk Photo Review / Route 19 – August 19th 2017


Jeju Olle Trail Route 4 – From August 1 2017 the route length has changed from 23.6 KM to 19 KM – Oreum hill climbs removed

This is a special announcement posting about Route 4 for anyone searching or planning on walking Jeju Olle Trail.

From August 1 2017, Route 4 has decreased in size. It was 23.6 KM, but now it is 19 KM.

This change will not be in any English guidebook or noted in the English language elsewhere at the time of writing.

In the image below the Route 4 start point is in the circle on the right hand side at Pyoseon. The route end point is in the bottom left side at Namwon. The red square shows the general area of the change.

Overall this should make Route 4 a better walking experience. This was our longest route on the whole of the trail.