2020-07-16 | Jeju Olle Trail Daily Update [Continuing Test Posts]

There are no guided walks or trail cleaning events until September

Today’s Olle Image

Roll up and get your watermelon…” in Sineom-ri along Route 16. Uploaded by Yonhap News on July 14.

Weather Summary

We have a high of 25°C with morning cloud and a sprinkle of rain turning to sunshine later. Another agreeable gentle wind (4 m/s) will blow south-west getting weaker overnight.

Overall it should be a warm but not unbearable day for walking the trail.

– Sunrise is at 05:36 and sunset is at 19:44 –

The PM 2.5 micro fine dust level is GOOD (07:00 KST)

The PM 10 fine dust level is GOOD (07:00 KST)

The forecast UV level is 8

Please refer to the Jeju Environment Protection Research Center (http://air.jeju.go.kr/index.htm)

Air Korea (https://bit.ly/2taWZp5) has excellent maps showing the real-time influence of fine dust.