Olle Stay at the Jeju Olle Tourist Center in Seogwipo City (Route 6, Route 7-1 end point and Route 7 start point)

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In 2016 Jeju Olle Trail opened a new building named the Jeju Olle Tourist Center. We converted an old hospital into a restaurant, cafe, and meeting space on the first floor, the Olle headquarters office on the second floor, and our official Olle Stay guesthouse accommodation on the third floor. International walkers can use this place as their base camp while discovering the Seogwipo side of the island. Having English speaking office staff nearby will be great for any questions you have about getting around on the trail as well.

General Introduction

One of the more difficult things about walking Jeju Olle Trail for visitors with little to no knowledge of Korea or the Korean language is finding a place to stay after a day of walking. Many walkers I have encountered prefer not to book ahead with their accommodation because they simply don’t know where or how long the day will lead them.

Jeju Island has seen a huge boom in guesthouses on various Jeju Olle Trail routes over the past few years. Many are in refurbished traditional houses or completely new builds.

The owners come from varied backgrounds too. Many are ‘mainland immigrants’ who have come to Jeju seeking a quiet and more laid-back lifestyle from that of the cities. Others are just retiring. Others have met on Jeju Olle Trail, gotten married, and decided to open their own guesthouse.

If you do want to seek out accommodation by yourself then you’ll need to be looking for these signs with these words on.




HOTEL ( 호탤 | HO-TAEL )

Make a note of these terms and show them to a passing local. They’ll  put you in the right direction.

BNB Hero and Jeju Olle Trail Accommodation Section


BnB Hero has a specific section of its web site dedicated to accommodation on Jeju Olle Trail. Walkers can use this to figure out potential places to stay at the end of the day or even make reservations if they so wish. BnB Hero Jeju Olle Trail Accommodation Section.



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