Jeju Olle Trail Academy Daily Guided Walks on the Trail (FREE)

Registration and Information About Korean and English Language Guided Walks

The COVID-19 situation is very stable in South Korea and international walkers have returned to the country, Jeju Island, and the trail.

So if you are interested in joining a free and no donation expected guided walk send an email to

Please include this simple information:

  • Walking dates
  • How many are walking
  • Age range (20-30, 30-40 etc)
  • Accommodation location (for example Jeju City or Seogwipo City)
  • Any special dietary requirements for lunch

May 2023 Korean-language Guided Walk Schedule

June 2023 Korean-language Guided Walk Schedule

A guided walk is a chance to enjoy a really local day on Jeju at a slow pace with other walkers and a guide who has graduated from our Jeju Olle Academy. The walks are about exploring the footpaths, villages, hills, and sites of the island, but also about having a conversation and sharing the day with the walkers next to you. It is a chance to do something that very, very, few international tourists or visitors actually do. In 2022 we operated 760 walks with 6,005 participants.

The daily walks are in the Korean language only unless otherwise noted. However, many guides do speak some English. Other walkers are usually always happy to try and speak English with international participants. Isn’t that part of the fun of travel? Throwing yourself in at the deep end? Yes, there might be a language barrier, but it will be an experience to take away with you at the end of the day and your trip.

Guided walks start at 9:30 am every morning. We do ask walkers try to arrive from 9:00 am. Guides can organize and get everyone ready to go.

Prepare your usual walking equipment and whatever makes you feel comfortable. Of course, check the weather and air quality the night before. Bring simple snacks and water. Maybe something from your home country to share with other walkers. Bring enough cash for lunch and your public transportation fee at the start and end of the day.

Day walks are sometimes easier to start at the end point of a route. Maybe the public transport links are better. Maybe the restaurant situation is better. Everyone is tired by the afternoon and it might be easier for getting everyone home as well. There are many reasons for walking in the opposite direction.

Guided walks are all day, however, different guides and different groups all have different speeds. So it is impossible to say when a walk might finish in the afternoon. Basically, don’t make a plan for afterwards. Make your day’s plan for the guided walk only.

We really ask international walkers to finish the day. It can be very difficult to leave the walk in the middle. You could be in the countryside with no bus or taxi nearby. It could also hold up the whole group. If you REALLY need to leave then lunch time is usually the most convenient spot. But still international walkers should plan on taking the whole day. Try not to make any reservation or plans for after the walk.

The group usually eats a simple Korean lunch at a restaurant. Before the walk begins the guide normally asks about what people want to eat. It can depend on how many and the location. Vegetarian options are not offered or difficult to understand, so please keep this in mind. Eat with an open mind and enjoy the food travel experience. Lunch usually costs around 10,000 WON or less.

Yes, all walks are free of charge. Guides do no expect donations either. Do no give donations to the guides. However, participants will be expected to pay for for their own lunch. Please prepare snacks and drinks yourself. Participants should pay for their own transport to the start point and after finishing.

Everyone is a volunteer and the walks are free. So if something doesn’t agree with you or go the right way just take a deep breath and relax. It’s another day and another travel experience. If you have any other questions or feel something isn’t covered enough on this page then send a message… THANK YOU.