How to finish Jeju Olle Trail, get your completion certificate, and commemorative medal

Every trail in the world has their own way of recording a walkers progress and completion. Jeju Olle is no different.

We have a blue passport in which you collect start point, mid-point, and end point stamps from our blue colored pony-shaped wooden boxes.

The passport costs 20,000 WON. The proceeds from sales, quite obviously, go towards maintaining the trail you’ll be following.

Here are a couple exceptions and answers to common questions we get

– Passports can have up to three route mid-point stamps missing –

– Stamps do not have to be inside the passport to be officially considered. Stamps can be collected on scrap paper or on the inside pages of a guidebook (for example) –

– If you do not have a stamp, a photograph at the stamp box will also be considered evidence of completion –

– Walkers must have stamps for all of the extra -1 spur routes –

There is one place for Olle walkers to get their completion certificate. That is on the ground floor of our HQ on the edge of downtown Seogwipo City.

You can get your photo taken in front of the Proud Wall for Jeju Olle Trail Finishers.

There is no limit on how many times you can complete the trail. As long as you use a new passport and get all the stamps. It is possible to receive another certificate and medal. Some Korean walkers have done the trail more than 15 times.