Video Experiences of Jeju Olle Trail

There are many videos about the routes of Jeju Olle Trail available on YouTube. Many of those videos have Korean language titles and are therefore difficult to find for non-Korean speakers. This is a problem because they are the most up-to-date and best quality videos.

Jeju Olle is 제주올레 in Korean. The Korean word for route is 코스. Knowing this now makes a search much easier. Simply copy and paste 제울레 1코스 into the YouTube search box. Then check the thumbnails for relevant results. Of course just switch the 1 with another route number and you’ll be able to go through all. Refine results using the site filters. Enable subtitles and auto-translate to English for a gist of the accompanying commentary.

There is one thing to consider about watching videos on YouTube. Some slickly produced top quality 4K drone footage is not a true representative of the route and may not be exactly what a walker will experience. Especially on a windy rainy day with poor weather. So please take each wonderful artistically edited video with a large grain of realistic salt.

Below is a pre-selected video for each route. Right click to open in a new tab.

Route 1

Route 1-1 (Udo)

Route 2

Route 3A

Route 3-B

Route 4

Route 5

Route 6

Route 7

Route 7-1

Route 8

Route 9

Route 10

Route 10-1 (Gapado)

Route 11

Route 12

Route 13

Route 14

Route 14-1

Route 15-A

Route 15-B

Route 16

Route 17

Route 18

Route 18-1 (Chujado)

Route 18-2 (Chujado) [New Route]

Route 19

Route 20

Route 21